The best durum wheat is carefully selected directly in the fields of the Italian regions of Puglia, Basilicata and Molise. Once the grains have been selected, the various types are mixed. This process allows determining the taste, colour and fragrance of the pasta. All stories about pasta start in a field of wheat, but the story of Liguori pasta does not start in just any field. Moreover, to bring to the table a plate of pasta that preserves all the aroma and natural flavour of the grain requires dedication and care right from the beginning.


Our semolina, made from 100% Italian durum wheat, has high protein content (minimum of 14%) and consists of particles of uniform size, never fine. It goes perfectly with the goodness of the spring waters of Gragnano.
Our kneading technique, handed down by Gaetano Liguori, is unique and is designed to protect the protein structure and enhance the cooking properties of the pasta.


Bronze dies give the pasta a rough surface which enhances the sauces impregnated with the flavour of our land and colour of our sun.


The secret of our pasta-making art lies in the slow-drying process at low temperatures, which allows the pasta to preserve the pale yellow colour, fragrance and flavour of the grain, as well as its cooking properties.